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Optimising Airline Crews: Air NZ NEW!

Charles Semple: Algorithms and the Postie's Dilemma

Colin Fox: Antarctic Sea Ice and Maths NEW!

Mike Atkinson: Become a Sudoku Expert! NEW!

Brendan McKay: Bible Codes - fact or fiction?

Mike Steel: Biomathematics

Alex James: Bugs and Beech Trees

Rachel Cunliffe: Census at School

Johnk275: Cheap goods NEW!

Rod Downey: Complexity, Computation and a bit of Fuzzy Logic

Jennifer Brown: Counting Possums

Ben Martin: Cryptography

James Curran: Forensic Statistics

Geoff Whittle: From Matroids to Mining

Mike Langston: Genomics or mathematics?

Glenys Stace: Hyperbolic Crochet - Glenys Stace NEW!

Bernard Chazelle: IPods, a Flock of Birds and DNA

Heikki Haario: Inverse Problem Solving NEW!

Vaughan Jones: Knotty Problems

Clemency Montelle: Lost in Translation

Raazesh Sainudiin: Making Sense out of Chaos

Andrew Balemi: Market Research Statistics

Megan Clarke: Maths, Statistics and the Probability of Travel...

James Sneyd: No Guns, but Germs and Steel

Hugh Gribben: Origami

AndreĢs Christen: Paleoecology and Climate Change NEW!

Marcus du Sautoy: Prime Numbers: The Atoms of Maths

Magnus Bordewich: Random and Algorithmic Sampling

Rachel Fewster: Rats! (and ecological statistics)

Alex James: Return of the Bugs and Beech Trees...

Jorg Frauendiener: Ripples in the Fabric of Space Time NEW!


Hinke Osinga: The Lorenz Manifold NEW!

Rowing Programme: Transatlantic Rowing NEW!